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Who We Are

This is our team of Innovators and Executors.


Martin Ekechukwu.
A hybrid trained marketer where he has received classical training from some of the largest CPG companies in the world. Martin’s also takes his experience from the food and beverage industry where has has been successful by being the catalyst for growth. He has built and launched several start ups. He has also revived stagnant brands such as Hawaiian Punch, 7UP and Colt 45. Martin is sought after for his expertise in building small brands and preparing them for 10x revenue growth and international expansion.

Jeff Burroughs.
Since his start in the entertainment industry, Jeff has developed successful marketing strategies for multi- platinum, Grammy award winning, world-class artists and built several non-music brands. As the EVP of Bad Boy Entertainment, Jeff guided the careers of artists like Notorious BIG and P Diddy. During his tenure Bad Boy become one of the highest grossing conglomerates in the music industry. The company also engaged in profitable non-music ventures including Sean John, Justin’s Restaurants, and Ciroq. Jeff also lead multiple integrated marketing campaign between The Xfactor and Pepsi, GM, Best Buy and Verizon.

Joseph Fernandez
Joseph is a classically trained marketer with a Kellogg MBA from North Western. The core of his experience comes from his time on Wall Street while working in Finance. As a Digital Maven, Joe is always keeping tabs on ground breaking trends so he’s appropriately the in-house Brand Guru. When he’s not concentrating on client’s analytics or brand strategy, you can find him engulfed in watching basketball.

LP Steele
Originally from NYC and now in MIA, LP has been a serial entrepreneur since his early 20s. With a keen eye and his finger on the pulse of social media, he oversees the Experiential Marketing department of WHTWRKS. His background is rooted in Spirits Marketing, and he has even dedicated himself to learning the intricacies of Mixology to help him understand more efficient ways to promote alcohol brands. Outside of work, LP loves a good cocktail and can’t live without football.


Our tools

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audience data
that is actionable
and measurable.

Our Process
and Strategy

1. Brand Research

 Absorb internal and external consumer data from the brand in order to make an informed decision

2. Analysis
Identify the openings and gaps for the brand

3. Category Research
Identify the gold standard or the brand that is doing it well

4. Pop Culture Relevancy
Does the brand move culture, influence culture or a receiver of culture

5. Gut Check
Can the brand if supported by culturally relevant story lines change consumer behavior

6. Big Idea
What is the breakthrough idea that consumers will be forced to respond to

7. Quantitative Research
Which influencers make sense to attach to the brand

8. Build the Ecosystem
Keep the consumers in the funnel by maintaining communication consistency

9. Results
Study the results based on clear KPI’s and report